Healthy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

How do you show someone that you really care about them? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner it probably means you’re getting ready to do one or two things:  Buy way too much chocolate, or contemplate buying your partner that ridiculously oversized teddy bear. This year let’s skip the awkward gifts (but don’t skip the dark chocolate–more to come on that) and focus on getting your partner a gift that’s in line with their active and healthy lifestyle. The best thing you can do for each other is stay healthy, right?

  1. Meal Delivery Service:  Some people may find this unromantic but call me old school because I love to make  meals with people I love. And if my partner got me a meal delivery service so I didn’t have to spend all week cooking and prepping food, I would be over the moon. Services like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Terra’s Kitchen will send you fresh, pre-cut, ready-to-cook ingredients. This helps you stay on track with healthy eating while enjoying the time together cooking. The best part? Each meal takes 30 minutes or less to complete, so you can get back to enjoying a romantic evening together. 
  2. Exercise Pass:  Gifting your significant other a full-fledged gym membership or fancy piece of equipment can be tricky. Remember the controversy surrounding the Peloton Christmas ad last year? Instead, try purchasing a pass to try something new or fun. If your partner isn’t a member at PCF, encourage them to join us for a workout! Or maybe your partner is into running–find them a running group. Remember that growth comes when we are pushed out of our comfort zones so don’t be afraid to try something new together! 
  3. Healthy Kitchen Gadgets:  From InstaPot to Vitamix, there are so many kitchen gadgets that allow you to whip up a healthy and delicious meal in a fraction of the time. Plus buying this for your partner allows you to reap some of the benefits too 🙂 
  4. Dark Chocolate:  I’m about to say something magical….Chocolate is healthy. Dark chocolate is filled with antioxidants, minerals and anti-inflammatory properties and it is scientifically proven that chocolate makes you happy. 🙂  
  5. Go On An Active Getaway:  Surprise your partner with a weekend getaway that includes something active! Try running a destination 5k race, taking a walking tour of a new city, take a healthy cooking class together…as long as it gets you out and about while exploring new sights. 
  6. A Happiness Planner:  If you have a partner who loves to plan, why not gift them with a planner designed to bring even more happiness into their life? The Happiness Planner is designed to help you work through your life with self-reflection questions, action items, and intention. 
  7. A Fancy Coffee & Espresso Machine: Coffee, in moderation, has many health benefits. And the best way to get those benefits is to drink a high-quality, fresh cup of coffee. Of course, you’ll want to avoid those high-sugar, high-calorie frappuccinos and coffee drinks that are essentially milkshakes. 
  8. Fitness Tracker:  Count your steps, check your vital signs, keep track of your calories, monitor your sleep, measure other movements…fitness trackers really can do it all these days. Gifting your loved one a FitBit, Whoop, Apple Watch, etc. is a great way to engage them in their own fitness journey. Plus it’s fun to challenge each other to step competitions. 
  9. The Gift of Sleep: Wanna know what’s awesome? Taking a nap. I love naps. They’re a great way to detox the body, clear your mind, and boost your immune system. Encourage your partner to take a nice long nap. Offer to take the kids ice skating at Titletown or go walk the dog for an hour so your partner can take some time for themselves. 

The Bottom Line:  Keep in mind that chocolates & flowers are only enjoyed for a few minutes, but they have their health to think about forever. Consider a healthy gift they would enjoy.