How our gym will change your perspective on CrossFit

As a gym owner I hear it all the time, “I can’t do that stuff you guys do” or “I need to be fit before I start doing CrossFit.” This is simply not true. CrossFit is for ALL walks of life.

CrossFit is defined as constantly varied functional movement preformed at a high intensity. But what does it all mean?

It means with the variety of different movements and intensity, it can be dangerous without the proper coaching and that’s the job of the gym and coaches. Our goal is to educate you on why this program is highly effective and this blog will do that. We will talk about how we implement this program to help you reach your fitness goals and hopefully debunk some myths you may have heard about CrossFit!

Constantly Varied

Yes, there are a ton of movements in the CrossFit repertoire. This is why it is so important we take extra time to teach you. We always talk about form first and above all else. Starting everyone one-on-one assures that we take the extra time to get to know you.

These movements can be VERY intimidating! You may think of a dungeon style gym with big meat heads slamming barbells and jamming to loud music. However, that’s not the case. Our gym is filled with people just trying to get better, stronger, look better naked, and support each other whenever they can!

Functional Movement

In our everyday life, we probably won’t encounter a situation where we have to deadlift a 135 pound barbell, clean it into our front rack, and push it overhead. However, one day we might have to lift our kid from the ground, to our shoulder, and overhead. Or perhaps you are doing that now but are struggling to keep up with your children.

It’s daily living situations like these we are preparing for and we are doing so in a fun way! With the variety of different movements it is unlikely two workouts are the same. Everyday is different which keeps things spicy and new.

In addition, our coaches want to help you overcome pain. We believe in prehab, not rehab. The difference is prehab will PREVENT injury while rehab is for RECOVERYING from an injury.

Performed at High Intensity

Intensity refers to how hard your body is working and is RELATIVE to the individual. In our program we can manipulate intensity in three ways:

  1. Load: This is the weight on the bar. More weight on the bar equals higher intensity although you may be doing less reps.
  2. Volume: This is the total reps that you do in a given workout. For example, doing 100 squats with a 65# barbell would be more intense then doing 100 squats without a barbell.
  3. Time: The faster we can complete a set amount of reps, the more intensity we can add to the workout.

The three of these can be added or taken away in a CrossFit workout. The bottom line is all three are relative to the individual.

We believe in intensity because it’s the only way we can illicit adaptation in our bodies. Every single fitness program you have done in the past, that has worked, required intensity. However, in our program we can quantify this intensity to see results of our work. Not only will you see a change on the scale you will also see a change in workout times, weight lifted, and reps completed. And it becomes MORE than just the scale!

You see, when we are a slave to the scale then we can never truly experience our fitness. We want to show you how fitness can be fun!

What Makes us Different…

Our goal isn’t to beat you into the ground; Our goal is to empower you to take control over your health and wellness through education, support, and community. We start everyone one-on-one to ensure you are feeling comfortable. We understand how intimidating walking into a CrossFit gym can be and how intimidating trying new things are, but we are here whenever you are ready.