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Derek LaBonte - Owner/Head Coach

Hi! My name is Derek LaBonte and I serve those who want to be the best possible version of themselves in life and/or in sports performance. I’ve found that most want more out of their life, or in their athletic prow less, but struggle to follow through on a plan of how to get there.

I coach group CrossFit classes, and personal train, focusing on building a trusting relationship creating a positive, inspiring, and supportive community in the gym so you can crush your goals outside of the gym.

I have a dog name Diesel who is my best friend. You will more than likely meet him at the gym. I have an older brother named Zach and a younger brother named Brett. My mom’s name is Lori. I am extremely passionate about fitness and I always have been. Since I was young I always enjoyed the training aspect of the sport just as much as competing. I wrestled and played football my entire life. I even played some college ball at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point where I graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor’s of Science majoring in Psychology – Human Services.

After football I didn’t really have a direction in my life and I started going to the gym less and less. I missed being able to train for something and I wasn’t making the best choices. In February of 2015 I stumbled upon CrossFit. From that point on my life changed for the better. I got my CrossFit L1 Certification and started coaching that October and dreamed of opening my own gym one day.

I am so excited to be able to share my passion and enthusiasm of fitness and life with you. Let’s get started!

CrossFit L1 Trainer

USA Weightlifting Certified Sport Performance Coach

Whitney Hatala - Owner

Hey! My name is Whitney Hatala and I am co-owner here at Packerland Crossfit. I take care of the nerdy accounting and back-end work here to keep things running smoothly. After being a member at PCF for 3 years I was given the opportunity to become an owner along-side my fiance, Derek, and of course I jumped on board without hesitation.

I have a passion for helping people become the best, happiest version of themselves and I believe that fitness is much more than how much weight you can lift. I love chatting about nutrition, mindset, and taking a holistic approach to health. You’ll catch me in the gym working out with the Packerland Fam or cheering on our awesome community. Come say hi!

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Marketing & Finance from UW Green Bay

Selena Cashman - CrossFit Coach

I grew up in De Pere, Wisconsin where sports and fitness played a huge impact on my life. Throughout my high school years, I participated in soccer and tennis but also enjoyed running. I attended St. Norbert College where I was a part of the St. Norbert Rowing Team for 3 years. I graduated in 2019 with a Business Administration Management degree.

I work in Community Relations & Group Sales for the Green Bay Blizzard Indoor Football Team.

My interest in CrossFit began when I was attending college. A Youtuber I was watching started doing CrossFit and they raved about it so much, I thought I would give it a go! After the first week, I could no longer move my body but there was no going back – I was hungry for more! Fast Forward 2 years later I received my bachelor’s degree and my CF-L1. I strive to learn and grow as an athlete while helping people reach their goals and become better individuals through fitness.

CrossFit is for everybody! it’s about getting outside your comfort zone and trying something new by taking that first step into a box! The CrossFit community is definitely one of a kind. We are encouraging and inviting community. You will be surprised at what your body can do, especially once you toss around a barbell!

Maddie Landgraf - CrossFit Coach / Mobility Specialist

Hello! My name is Maddie Landgraf. I grew up in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin where I was fully engulfed in athletics throughout my entire childhood, participating in as many sports as possible. In high school I was involved in basketball and soccer and decided to continue my athletic career in basketball at Concordia University Wisconsin.

In May of 2017, I graduated from CUW with a degree in Psychology.

After completing my final year of basketball, I was introduced to CrossFit and have yet to turn back. CrossFit has become more than just a hobby, it has turned into a lifestyle. In 2017, I received my CF-L1 and immediately started coaching at my sister’s gym in Mequon, WI and began participating in competitions as well.

The tight-knit and supportive community that CrossFit prides itself on creates a unique atmosphere that I have found I cannot live without. My favorite part about CrossFit is that it does not matter where you come from or what fitness level you are at, there is always an opportunity for you to face new challenges and conquer goals you never thought possible.

I cannot wait to see you at Packerland CrossFit crushing your goals and becoming the best version of yourself.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer,
CPR & AED Certified

Kait Hintz - CrossFit Coach

Hello! My name is Kaitlyn and I am a coach here at Packerland CrossFit. Growing up, athletics were always a huge part of my life. I participated in both track & field and cross country throughout high school and then at the collegiate level while attending St. Norbert College. While in college, I was introduced to CrossFit and have been hooked ever since.

At first, CrossFit started out as a healthy supplement to my track/cross country training, but I soon found it to be much more than just a hobby. In 2015 I dove into the CrossFit world head first. I got my CF-L1, started coaching at my hometown gym, and participated in multiple competitions. Throughout my collegiate athletic career and years spent immersed in the CrossFit world, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in the areas of coaching methodology, programming, and responsible training. I absolutely love programming the daily class workouts and am always looking to keep things valuable and fun for all our members!

One of the best things about CrossFit is the community. Surrounding yourself with like-minded, goal oriented people does wonders; there is no better way to start or end your day. CrossFit can be a mental mind game, but making it through a tough working or pushing your body to that next level, with the support and encouragement of those around you, is priceless.

In addition to my Level 1 CrossFit Certification, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and am currently working on completing my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis.

I’ve got a whole lot of passion for helping people kick start, or continue, their journey to holistic health – Let’s get moving!

Kaylee - CrossFit Coach

Hi my name is Kaylee I am the Nutritionist/Crossfit coach here at Packerland. A fun fact about me is at an Invictus athlete camp Sam Dancer got so mad trying to teach me how to snatch he put me on his back as a last resort.. but it worked! It was one of the most intimidating moments of my life and now he makes fun of me for it!

Learning and growing to become the best version of myself is a top priority for me.

I strive to help people reach their goals inside the gym, so they can crush life outside of it. Health and wellness was not a huge priority for me until I started playing college rugby (GO LOPES). This is where I learned that training and eating right helped me feel prepared when game day came. After graduation I needed something to fill the void of not having a team and reason to train. I found a gym, nutrition coach, and a new passion. I wanted to learn as much as I could so I could help others who wanted to be better just like myself.

I have a Bachelors in Psychology, Level 1 Crossfit Certification, and NCI Level 1 Nutrition Coach Certification.

If you have any questions about nutrition I would love to share my knowledge with you and help you take steps towards your goals.

Andre - Weightlifting & Crossfit Coach / Movement Specialist

Hey Everyone! My name is Andre and I am the Weightlifting and Movement Coach at Packerland Crossfit.

Growing up, I was always surrounded by medical professionals in my family, which made me want to work in the medical field. After spending a few years in college, I realized I had a greater passion for performance than rehab (I originally wanted to be a Physical Therapist).

I admire the creativity Physical Therapists need in order to work around the injuries or medical conditions their patients have, which is what originally drew me into becoming a Physical Therapist.

Now, I implement that same creativity in my own coaching that ends up making workouts/programs more enjoyable and unique.

I am passionate about helping individuals that are either looking to enhance their technical skills in weightlifting and/or looking for a movement analysis as to why something feels funky or why a certain movement is difficult to perform.

I will be receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Carroll University in December 2019. I also had an internship in 2019 at Titletown Sports Medicine and Orthopedics as a Strength and Conditioning Coach where I had the opportunity to work alongside Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapist, and the entire Bellin Health Strength and Conditioning Department. The knowledge I obtained at Titletown is knowledge I want to share and incorporate into my coaching to enhance not only the sport performance of individuals, but the functional aspect as well.

A fun fact about myself is I am an Eagle Scout.

Jenna Decker - Intuitive Mindset & Transformation Coach

Hey there, I’m Jenna! I’m a dietetics student at the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay, a dog mom and a lover of whiskey old fashioned sours, books and tacos.

I’m from Dunbar, Wisconsin which is the epitome of small town, USA. My high school graduating class size was 8 and I swear my family knew every single person within the town’s radius. Growing up in the northwoods, I love being outside.

In my free time you can find me four-wheeling, kayaking, running or at any sporting event. Go Pack Go!

In 2018, I graduated from St. Norbert College with a double major in Business Administration and Political Science. After graduation,I took on a full-time position at a health and wellness company that was heavily focused on nutrient content claims and dietary supplements. This alongside the company’s employee wellness program sparked a curiosity in dietetics and allowed me to change my lifestyle for the better. I had taken up running, implemented a plant-based diet and even signed up to run a marathon! The changes I saw in both my mental and physical health were astronomical and instilled a passion in me for nutrition. These results led to me enrolling in the dietetics program at the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay. Losing weight and changing your lifestyle can be a really scary thing and I want everyone to know that they are not alone in their journey. Through this new career I hope to help teach people that the pursuit of health is to live a better quality of life and help foster healthy relationships with food.

Before joining Packerland, I was intimidated by CrossFit. I had no previous experience with weight lifting and thought I was too weak to become a member. After some encouragement from both the Cashman sisters, I realized I was wrong! When I walked through the doors of Packerland Crossfit, I knew I found my place. All are welcome here. This place is truly my second family and the best hour of my day. Joining CrossFit has made me a more confident, trusting and patient person.

That pretty much sums up all that I have to say about me, so if you made it this far, thanks for sticking around! And thank you for welcoming me into this community and supporting me on my fitness journey. Packerland Fam truly means family. I am so very grateful for each and every one of you.

With love, Jenna

Jordan Lubbers - Remote Weightlifting Coach

Hi friends! My name is Jordan Lubbers and I split my time between being a PhD student in geology at Oregon State University and a competitive weightlifting coach/athlete. The pursuit of barbell virtuosity has taught me many things about life and myself that I never thought possible and I love passing on those lessons to others in the form of coaching. I firmly believe that whether it be CrossFit, Weightlifting, or life in general, we are all stronger together and by adopting that mentality.

Whether you aspire to be an Olympic athlete or just a little bit stronger than you were last year, I am 100% dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

Being a scientist by trade, I try to incorporate a lot of the principles I use in my research to my programming and coaching: Observe a problem, come up with a hypothesis to test the problem, conduct an experiment to test the hypothesis, analyze the results, repeat. Everything is done for a reason. When implemented in Weightlifting and CrossFit, I believe this can help maximize success.

Coaches Ty, Derek, and I work as a well oiled machine to help you reach your goals. Our team has worked together to produce national level weightlifters in the past and it will continue to do so in the future. Through hard work, attention to detail, positivity, anything is possible! Weightlifting has changed my life for the better and I want others to experience that as well.

In my free time I love to get out into the mountains and get lost in the wilderness backpacking, garden tasty vegetables, play soccer, and play blues music.

CrossFit L1 Trainer
USA Weightlifting Certified Sports Performance Coach
Mad Scientist