Two Steps

The desire to improve one’s self is an extremely daunting task – a giant mountain. The type of mountain that you or anyone else is familiar with that has no predetermined  path to the top (if there even is a top).

The cognitive process of planning your ascent on a mountain with no end in sight and no path to begin is terrifying. It is at this point, the point of decision of what to do next where I used to breakdown and throw in the towel. The conversation in my mind would quickly turn from, “I really want to be a better person” to “Being a better person is a great goal” to “Maybe I’ll work on myself tomorrow when I’m less busy” and this is where the road ends.

Paralyzed by my own self talk, I would choose to not choose. I would make excuses and then spend time busying my mind with useless and mindless activities that would validate my hypothesis of being too busy. It wasn’t until the last few months that I have made a ground breaking and life changing discovery which has allowed me to chip away at the paralyzing mental road blocks that were handicapping my personal development and cannibalizing my goals. This discovery required two very important steps. 

Step 1 – HONESTY
I desperately needed to call BS on myself. No you are not too busy to goal plan, or start reading, or work on your passion project. You are making that excuse because you know that doing nothing is a helluva lot easier than putting in the work to get to where you want to (and know you can) go. 

Step 2 – ACTION
After giving myself that much needed wake up call, I then realized I needed to take action. Action is the death of comfort and stagnation. Without it nothing changes. With it everything is possible. 

Following this two step process should be easy right? For me it is the exact opposite. The willingness to take an unfiltered and unedited self view takes an extreme amount of courage. Ego is a powerful driver of comfort which numbs the mind to the dangers stagnation. Ego is the death of growth and the stronger one is attached to “how great they are” the further away they are from starting their ascent to better. 

My ego was (and possibly still is) the greatest handicap that I have faced in my personal road to self-improvement. This realization has opened the door and has provided the motivation to take on step 2. 

The beautiful thing about step 2 is that action is much more tangible with the right systems in place. The courage and self-actualization required in step 1 are now replaced with stamina and grit. This step may not be “easier”; however, it is measurable, and that objectivity makes it far less scary for me. 

This post, and the hundreds (thousands?) to follow it, will be that action in progress for me. I’m okay with the fact that I may never reach the top of my mountain; however, at least I know that I’ve started my ascent, and for today, that’s enough. 

Love you all,